Eye-lift $1950. Face-lift $6500. Anti wrinkle injections $8.80 per unit !

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Why is your price so affordable?

There are several procedures we do very often and very reguarly. Through this experience, we have managed to produce a very efficient system that produce great outcome. That is the main reason for our very affordable cost.

Upper Eye Lift. Does your eyes make you look tired and old ? - a bigger and a more opened eyes?

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 Eyes are the dominant feature in every face. They play a great part in our perception of attractiveness, as well as character and mood. With aging process, sagging upper eyelid skin gets collected in the upper eyelashes and this makes your appearance old and fatigued. If so, Upper Eye-Lift may be an answer for you. With our one low price of $1950, there has never been a better time for upper eye lift.  Click here to read more

Lower Eye Lift. I dont like the sagging lower eyelids - it make me look old ?

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With aging process, lower eyelid skin, muscle and fat sags and shows up as excess wrinkles and eye bags. The goal of lower eyelid "lift" surgery is to produce a smooth contour from the lower lash line down to the mid-face as well as to correct the droopy and wrinkled lower eyelid skin. Click here to read more

Face Lift - I dont like sagging face ?

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With time, facial skin and soft tissue sags and it makes one appear older !! Face lift surgery is a powerful anti-aging procedure. Click here to read more 

Laser Treatment for Melasma. So called "Mask of Pregnancy" is psychologically and aesthetically very disturbing condition.

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 Have you considered our  Laser Skin Whitening Program. It is a skin treatment program designed specifically to treat melasma. Click here to read more

Laser Mole Removal. Did you always have that mole that you wanted to remove, but did not want to have a surgery.

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There is a simple 2 minutes Laser treatments to remove these unsightly moles.  Click here to read more

Anti Wrinkle Injections. Are you having some issues with wrinkles? 

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Within minues, injection is over, it is not too uncomfotable and your wrinkles can be erased. What's our price? $8 per unit (+GST). Each area approximately needs 10-20 units for effective anti wrinkle result.


Why Us?

When you do a lot of same procedures regularly, you tend to become very good at it.

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